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United for the Harvest in the Californias

40 Days of Hope in partnership with Hope Californias is a convergence of movements, ministries, churches, and believers dedicated to bringing the transformational hope of Jesus Christ to save souls, heal the broken, and reform the regions of the Californias and beyond. 

Developing a 24/7 Prayer

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The Sound of Heaven Tour

It is time to restore, revive and give hope to families in the Body of CHRIST. The Leeper family has been doing Family Altars for over ten years and the Holy SPIRIT has raised them up to encourage and inspire families. Click Here for Details

Establishing Family Altars 

Learn how to create an environment in your home where you host the Holy SPIRIT, saturate in the Word of GOD, Worship where you encountering GOD’s presence, listen to HIS voice and praying divinely guide prayers for your family and community.



That None Would Perish!

Partnering with Saturate USA to get the gospel message to every home in California.

How You Can Get Involved

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! For there the LORD has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.”

Psalm 133


Pray – Fast – Join or Lead a Prayer Meeting – Join or Lead a Worship Event

Join or Lead a Service or Outreach Event  


Lou Engle

Mayor Bill Wells

Ed Silvoso

In San Diego County, 40 Days of HOPE and Saturate USA, went hand and glove to help saturate our region with prayer, fasting, worship, and the Gospel. Our congregations are awakening to the importance of unity, living for the LORD, and being a witness in their communities. 

Pastor Ray Bentley
Maranatha Chapel 

 Even though I am a missionary and my work is in Asia with its many needs, I will return all the way to the United States for the events of the National Day of Prayer, May 2nd because of the desperate nature of the spiritual battle for California. The 40 Days of Hope strategy is a gift to us all, a catalyst for united prayer to a Heavenly Father who yearns to pour out mercy and break the chains.


 John Dawson
President Emeritus, Youth With A Mission




California truly does belong to Jesus, and until the Church takes its place at the table, we will not see the changes our hearts long for. The 40 Days of Hope is a great start – uniting together for spiritual breakthrough and collaborating to transform our cities and state. This is truly God’s heart: One Body, One Spirit, and One cause… His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I encourage you to join the 40 Days of Hope and let us seek God’s heart for transformation in California together.

Dr. Jim Garlow
Founder and CEO of Well Versed, Inc.



40 Days of Hope for California will be an excellent opportunity for the churches to come together to pray and work together for the transformation of the Golden State. The vision of unity through prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about His revival and transformation is extremely strategic and straight from the heart of the Lord. We as followers of Jesus though from many different denominations and traditions are in fact all part of one Eternal Family. Always, when His people come together in such loving agreement and oneness as He commands, huge blessings will flow, not only for those directly involved but also for their families and communities as well. Please enter into 40 Days of Hope with all your heart and so enable His breakthroughs to come to this beautiful but needy state! – Eph. 3:20   

John Robb (Co-Convener, National Prayer Assembly; Chairman, International Prayer Council; Facilitator, World Prayer Assembly)


 40 Days of HOPE has made a huge impact in San Diego Communities. I highly recommend churches work together to bring hope to the church and the communities they serve.

Dr. Mike Carlisle | MBA, M.Div., D.Min. 
Director of Missions | San Diego Southern Baptist Association



Participating in a 40 Days of Hope prayer initiative could very well be the thing that transforms not only your church or organization, but the church as we know it. I have been intricately involved with 40 days of Hope and believe in Chris Leeper’s leadership  and clarion call to bring California into her destiny.  He is passionate for both intercession and holiness and to see the sons and daughters of God walk in their Christ given authority.

Pastor Barry Sappington
Lead Pastor at Crosspointe Life Church, La Mesa California

 The 40 Days of Hope is an initiative that can transform individual hearts, marriages and families, local congregations and even entire cities. What would God do if we took 40 days to fast, pray and seek His face with a willingness to be the answer to our own prayers? Would God send revival to our land? Does He desire revival even more than we do? Join with thousands of other believers across the state of California to find out!
Chris Vennetti
Co-Founder – Disciple Nations International


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