It is time to restore, revive and give hope to families in the Body of CHRIST. The Leeper family has been doing Family Altars for over ten years and the Holy SPIRIT has raised them up to encourage and inspire families. They offer a model of family devotion, practical training for parents, and worship that touches heaven and hearts. They offer alternatives to families struggling with what to do with their children and how to raise them to love the LORD.

From the oldest to the youngest child, the Leeper Family touches the hearts of believers through the work of the Holy SPIRIT. For many, it is hard to believe that children so young could be used in such a powerful way.

Chris Leeper has traveled the world training pastors and leaders how to raise their families in the LORD and teach Family Altars to their congregations.

If you are interested, the Leeper Family is available to come to your area for Sunday morning services, evening meetings, weekend Family Conferences, house meetings, outdoor venues, and outreaches.

Please contact them at if you are interested in having them come and bless the families in your congregation, fellowship, or region. 

Establishing Family Altars