The 40 days of HOPE is not only an effective season to minister the love and hope of JESUS CHRIST in California, but it is designed to be an effective catalyst for a lifestyle of transformation. We desire to equip you to change the spiritual climate of your home, workplace, sphere of influence, and beyond, empowering you to become part of a movement that transforms cities and disciples nations. Along these lines we have developed two training modules, one for on-site prayer evangelism and the other for advanced training for leaders.

These training sessions are taken from The School of Transformation led by Dr. Ed Silvoso, CEO of the International Transformation Network. See more information on Dr. Silvoso and the School of Transformation.


Training for On-Site Prayer Evangelism

This training is specifically geared for individuals or groups who plan to participate in onsite Prayer Evangelism in California during the 40 Days of Hope.

Prayer Evangelism: In Luke 10, Jesus sent out 70 disciples into the cities He was about to visit. He instructs them to follow a simple 4 step process. When they did those 4 things, they dramatically changed the spiritual climate of the region they were sent to. We call Jesus’ methodology, “Prayer Evangelism” and the 4 steps are as follows:

1.    Bless and Speak Peace

2.    Fellowship

3.    Pray for felt needs

4.    Proclaim the Kingdom of God is near

This is the results they produced: Later the seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven…” We can implement these same simple 4 steps today to see the spiritual climate in our neighborhoods and cities change from negative to positive.



The Battleground is in the Heavenly Places: You may be the best team, but if you show up on the wrong field you will still lose the game. In this training session taken from the book of Ephesians you will learn: where our battle ground is, the authority we have as of the Body of Christ in the heavenly places, and the mistakes we make as believers that give the devil opportunities.



Strongholds: Satan’s Secret Weapon: A stronghold is a mindset impregnated with hopelessness that causes us to accept as unchangeable situations we know are contrary to the will of God. In this training, taken off from the familiar passage in 2 Corinthians 10:4 you will learn what a stronghold is, where they are located, how to identify them in your own thinking, and best of all, how to destroy them. You will learn about the powerful 40 days treatment to renew your mind and to expose and demolish stronghold that hold us back from experiencing the fullness of God for our lives.



Divine Restrictions of the Devils Activities: In this training you will gain understanding that Satan cannot “ambush” God’s people but is very restricted by divine decree as to what he can do.


Advanced Training

These advanced training sessions are specifically geared for leaders who desire to see a sustained move of God in their sphere of influence, city and region.

The School Of Transformation (TSOT) is a 10-week course where you will be equipped to experience Transformation in your personal life, your family and your sphere of influence.  It’s also the place to bring a group with you to mentor them in the basic principles of Transformation! The course is $50 and registration is easy.  Register.