Can we continue to dream? Could we be used to reach all of San Diego for HIS glory? Is our GOD big enough to take the entire region? Many are being awakened through the 40 Days of HOPE for East County and that is awesome, but now is the time to believe for more. How about San Diego County? Can we believe GOD to take the entire region for HIS purposes? The answer from us is, yes! A resounding, yes!

Next year,we are planning on doing 40 Days of HOPE for San Diego County starting February 10, 2016, which is 40 Days leading up to Palm Sunday. We believe that this will become a yearly project the churches in San Diego County can do together. Do we realize what this means? More unity, prayer, fasting, worship, and outreach than San Diego County has ever seen in its history. GOD is on the move to bring about a great renewal and awakening, and we believe now is HIS time.

Please begin to pray into this and talk to your pastor about joining us next year, for the Kingdom to come, and HIS will to be done. Lastly, thank you for participating in the 40 Days of HOPE for East County. Our hope and prayer is that it affected your life, congregation, and the region.

Keep Praying, Hoping and Loving,

Chris Leeper

Your servant for 40 Days of HOPE